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Album: Featuring Eazy E-(Advance) [free mp3]

Release: 2007 year
Artist: Eazy E
Album Tracks: 16 tracks
Format: .mp3, .wav

Featuring Eazy E-(Advance) download


File Size      #
1. Eazy E - Luv 4 Dem Gangsta'z.mp3 (5.47mb) download
2. Eazy E - 2 Hard Muthas feat. MC Ren.mp3 (5.61mb) download
3. Eazy E - Trust No Bitch feat. Clipse, DJ Quick and AMG.mp3 (8.15mb) download
4. Eazy E - L.A. Is The Place feat. Ron De Vu.mp3 (8.45mb) download
5. Eazy E - Findum, Fuckem And Flee feat. N.W.A..mp3 (7.05mb) download
6. Eazy E - Get Yo Ride On feat. Mack 10 and MC Eiht.mp3 (5.29mb) download
7. Eazy E - Black Nigga Killa.mp3 (7.53mb) download
8. Eazy E - We Want Eazy (12" Remix).mp3 (9.71mb) download
9. Eazy E - Foe The Love Of Money feat. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony.mp3 (6.12mb) download
10. Eazy E - I'd Rather Fuck You feat. N.W.A.mp3 (6.95mb) download
11. Eazy E - 24 Hrs To Live.mp3 (8.13mb) download
12. Eazy E - Boyz In The Hood feat. Dr. Dre (G Mix).mp3 (9.08mb) download
13. Eazy E - Fat Girl feat. Ron De Vu.mp3 (4.60mb) download
14. Eazy E - Automobile feat. N.W.A..mp3 (5.24mb) download
15. Eazy E - P.S. Phuk U 2 feat. Clipse and DJ Quick.mp3 (5.23mb) download
16. Eazy E - Ruthless Villian feat. MC Ren.mp3 (4.29mb) download

Album: Life After Death [free mp3]

Release: 2007 year
Artist: Eazy E
Album Tracks: 34 tracks
Format: .mp3, .wav

Life After Death download


File Size      #
1. Eazy E - 24 Hours To Live Super Mario Remix.mp3 (4.66mb) download
2. Eazy E - 64 Impala.mp3 (2.61mb) download
3. Eazy E - 64 Impala Remix.mp3 (3.48mb) download
4. Eazy E - 64 Impala Remix 2.mp3 (4.16mb) download
5. Eazy E - Back Again.mp3 (3.30mb) download
6. Eazy E - Boyz N The Hood Gta Lc Remix.mp3 (2.76mb) download
7. Eazy E - Boyz N The Hood (Remix).mp3 (4.03mb) download
8. Eazy E - Creep.mp3 (5.04mb) download
9. Eazy E - Dr Dre Snoop Dogg Eazy Tribute.mp3 (2.29mb) download
10. Eazy E - Dr Dre Speaks On Eazy.mp3 (3.95mb) download
11. Eazy E - Eazy Speaks On Studio Gangstas.mp3 (1.93mb) download
12. Eazy E - Friends And Family Speak On Eazy.mp3 (5.21mb) download
13. Eazy E - Fuck You.mp3 (4.75mb) download
14. Eazy E - Gangster.mp3 (5.30mb) download
15. Eazy E - Got Your Self A Gun.mp3 (4.14mb) download
16. Eazy E - I Got 40 On It.mp3 (4.43mb) download
17. Eazy E - Jerry Heller Speaks On Bone Thugs.mp3 (4.93mb) download
18. Eazy E - Last Words.mp3 (2.87mb) download
19. Eazy E - Letter To My Gangstaz.mp3 (4.05mb) download
20. Eazy E - Letting U Know.mp3 (2.30mb) download
21. Eazy E - Lowrider.mp3 (4.15mb) download
22. Eazy E - Uv 4 Dem Gangstaz Gta Sa Remix.mp3 (3.61mb) download
23. Eazy E - Tv News Special.mp3 (3.78mb) download
24. Eazy E - Notorious B I G Speaks On Eazy.mp3 (1.69mb) download
25. Eazy E - Paparazzi.mp3 (3.75mb) download
26. Eazy E - Ready Or Not.mp3 (6.06mb) download
27. Eazy E - Still E A Z Y.mp3 (3.08mb) download
28. Eazy E - Tha Krown Remix.mp3 (5.93mb) download
29. Eazy E - The Eazy-E Story.mp3 (1.85mb) download
30. Eazy E - The Game Speaks On Eazy.mp3 (1.63mb) download
31. Eazy E - Touch It Remix.mp3 (1.83mb) download
32. Eazy E - Welcome Back.mp3 (2.27mb) download
33. Eazy E - Welcome To Compton.mp3 (3.47mb) download
34. Eazy E - Where Im From.mp3 (3.55mb) download

Album: Eternal E: Best of [free mp3]

Release: 2003 year
Artist: Eazy E
Album Tracks: 16 tracks
Format: .mp3, .wav

Eternal E: Best of download


File Size      #
1. Eazy E - Boyz-N-The-Hood (Remix).mp3 (9.49mb) download
2. Eazy E - 8 Ball (Remix).mp3 (7.24mb) download
3. Eazy E - Eazy-Duz-It.mp3 (6.48mb) download
4. Eazy E - Eazy-er Said Than Dunn.mp3 (5.52mb) download
5. Eazy E - No More ?'s.mp3 (5.84mb) download
6. Eazy E - We Want Eazy.mp3 (7.50mb) download
7. Eazy E - Nobody Move.mp3 (7.16mb) download
8. Eazy E - Radio.mp3 (7.48mb) download
9. Eazy E - Only If You Want It.mp3 (4.52mb) download
10. Eazy E - Neighborhood Sniper.mp3 (7.74mb) download
11. Eazy E - I'd Rather F*** You.mp3 (5.96mb) download
12. Eazy E - Automobile.mp3 (4.90mb) download
13. Eazy E - Niggaz My Height Don't Fight.mp3 (4.83mb) download
14. Eazy E - Eazy Street.mp3 (6.67mb) download
15. Eazy E - Real Muthaphuckkin G's.mp3 (8.33mb) download
16. Eazy E - Ole School S***.mp3 (6.09mb) download

Album: Str8 off tha Streetz of Muthaphu**in Compton [free mp3]

Release: 1996 year
Artist: Eazy E
Album Tracks: 14 tracks
Format: .mp3, .wav

Str8 off tha Streetz of Muthaphu**in Compton download


File Size      #
1. Eazy E - First Power.mp3 (1.16mb) download
2. Eazy E - Ole School ___t.mp3 (6.03mb) download
3. Eazy E - Sorry Louie.mp3 (6.10mb) download
4. Eazy E - Just Tah Let U Know.mp3 (6.23mb) download
5. Eazy E - Sippin On A 40.mp3 (6.76mb) download
6. Eazy E - Nutz On Ya Chin.mp3 (4.70mb) download
7. Eazy E - Tha Mutha ______in Real.mp3 (6.60mb) download
8. Eazy E - L__kin, S_kin, ____kin.mp3 (3.60mb) download
9. Eazy E - Hit The Hooker.mp3 (4.31mb) download
10. Eazy E - My Baby'z Mama.mp3 (5.60mb) download
11. Eazy E - Creep N Crawl.mp3 (6.29mb) download
12. Eazy E - Wut Would You Do.mp3 (8.80mb) download
13. Eazy E - Gangsta Beat 4 Tha Street.mp3 (5.51mb) download
14. Eazy E - Eternal E.mp3 (8.14mb) download

Album: Eazy-Duz-It [free mp3]

Release: 1988 year
Artist: Eazy E
Album Tracks: 12 tracks
Format: .mp3, .wav

Eazy-Duz-It download


File Size      #
1. Eazy E - Still Talkin'.mp3 (5.79mb) download
2. Eazy E - Nobody Move.mp3 (7.24mb) download
3. Eazy E - Ruthless Villain.mp3 (4.49mb) download
4. Eazy E - 2 Hard Mutha's.mp3 (6.67mb) download
5. Eazy E - Boyz-N-The-Hood (Remix).mp3 (9.56mb) download
6. Eazy E - Eazy-Duz-It.mp3 (6.55mb) download
7. Eazy E - We Want Eazy.mp3 (7.55mb) download
8. Eazy E - Eazy-Er Said Than Dunn.mp3 (5.55mb) download
9. Eazy E - Radio.mp3 (7.48mb) download
10. Eazy E - No More ?'s.mp3 (5.89mb) download
11. Eazy E - I'mma Break It Down.mp3 (5.24mb) download
12. Eazy E - Eazy-Chapter 8 Verse 10 (B.U.L.L.S.H.I.T.).mp3 (3.28mb) download

Album: Its On 187Killa [free mp3]

Release: 0 year
Artist: Eazy E
Album Tracks: 8 tracks
Format: .mp3, .wav

Its On 187Killa download


File Size      #
1. Eazy E - 01 Exxtra Special Thankz.mp3 (1.73mb) download
2. Eazy E - 02 Real Muthaphukkin G's.mp3 (8.32mb) download
3. Eazy E - 03 Any Last Werdz.mp3 (7.75mb) download
4. Eazy E - 04 Still A Nigga.mp3 (6.27mb) download
5. Eazy E - 05 Gimme That Nutt.mp3 (3.21mb) download
6. Eazy E - 06 It's On.mp3 (7.56mb) download
7. Eazy E - 07 Boyz N Tha Hood (G-Mix).mp3 (8.47mb) download
8. Eazy E - 08 Down 2 Tha Last Roach.mp3 (4.10mb) download

[ Agressor: Prince Of Fire ]

Artist: Agressor
Song: Prince Of Fire

Of the eternal flames
You're guardian of the life
and I burn in your name
You're the blow of the dragons
the resurrection of the phoenix
A strange sheet of smoke
Shroud the castle of Styx


You're the keeper of the flames in a kingdom of magic
You were born in evil hand, PRINCE OF FIRE

You're waiting for the time
To take your reverse
You want to burn my mind
But what do you wanna change?
You want to destroy me
Take care of my power
Cos I've got the power with me
If you use your overpower

Repeat chorus

Now time has come for you
I need your soul, your blood
It's toy the sacrifice
For the mighty prince of haze
He waited sudden for you
And now he's the Lord
For the final sacrifice
It's time for you to die

Repeat chorus

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